My name is Łukasz Drzycimski and I’m a Polish graphic designer and illustrator.

Most of the time I get inspired by a single line, dot or scribble. That's how most of my work usually begins - with an accidental stroke. The most amazing thing while working on an illustration is that you begin in one place and sometimes end up on the opposite side of the galaxy. I try to combine analog drawing with digital processing. I love mixing and sampling my own work - it's surprising how two completely different drawings made over a long period of time can complement and enrich one another. I'm an advocate for simplicity and don't like overdoing my work. When it's simple but intriguing, every viewer - depending on his or her knowledge, experience and sensibility - might draw a different conclusion or story from a single piece. Plurality of meaning and interpretation is what I most value in illustration.


So far I’ve illustrated for: Kwartalnik Przekrój
Magazyn Kontakt
Mały Format
Kultura Liberalna
Papier Magazine
Season Annual
Shelf Heroes

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